have you met someone from Israel??

Hi! I’m from steampunk, team 1577 from Israel. it was our rookie year and we didn’t believed that it will be so fun in Atlanta!

well love to be there next year, but to the main question… have you met someone from our team? or from Israel? there were 2 team from Israel:

  1. MAG & Aviv High School - Steampunk
  2. Iscar & Misgav High School

i hope to see you all next year…!

Yup. Came to your pits talked to some of the kids who were seniors and got a cool t-shirt!
Thanks! :smiley:

thats grear man! what team are you?

I actaully stayed at the hotel with your team (Hyatt). Team 461 was on the 6th floor. I was the girl that had random hebrew questions and came up and visited you guys :).

It’d be cool to get in touch with people I met on your team, you guys were really nice.

Congratulations on a great first year, and cya in Atlanta in 2006!

yes… i saw many teams in the hotel… we were at the 7th floor i think…

Mariott Marquis
Water Polo
Need I say more? :stuck_out_tongue:

191 the X-Cats. An original FIRST team.
And we’re in the FIRST Hall of Fame.
Congratulations on your successful year.

ooo man… i remember your web site! its great!! i love the flash!

k … i go to sleep… its 2 in the morning in Israel… good night (morning) everyone…(:

YUp I rmemeber the message you guys left. And I see you guys did well in Atlanta. I hope this leads to even bigger things for your team and robotics in Israel.

1023 was in an alliance with 1577 :smiley:
Your team was very polite and helpful.
When our arm “spontaneously combusted in the middle of the field” (actually, the bearing holding the turret on snapped and the fully extended arm w/ motor and belt fell to the ground), your team was the first to offer assistance to help fix it (parts, man power, etc). 1577 showed lots Gracious Professionalism in Atlanta.

it was soooo great to “meat” you guys…
(sry had to crack a s.p.a.m. joke)

it was great to cya your team in action…the bots were great!!

good job! i hope to meet more of you!!

I met the entire 1577 drive team on Thursday I believe at nats. We talked to them right before their first match for a while. Those guys are really nice, I think all FIRSTers’ should get to know foreign teams…they are cool! :]

yup, you guys came over to our pits, saw our giant fluffy red mascot and then jumped him :slight_smile: I have it on video too.

1577 was great in Atlanta! We played our first qualifying match Friday morning on an Alliance with 1577 and won. Great jobs guys and keep up the good work.

Team 1102 M’Aiken Magic was pleased to meet your team, help you, and learn from you.

Our Team Captain was quoted in the the newspaper about meeting your team.(I am not making this up). We are from South Carolina.

*The team was delighted to meet students from two Israeli teams. Neither squad was able to bring many tools so M’Aiken Magic provided tools and other assistance as needed.

(this is the good part). “We got to be good friends with them”, said Milledge Austin who added with a laugh. “I thought they were funny speaking Yankees at first. Their English was amazing. We had a lot in common with robots”.*

I had the pleasure of meeting people from both teams and actually being able to work with 1574 in a qualification round. Both were extremely nice, outgoing, and considerate. To anyone on 1577, if you need parts for a cart next year, please, feel free to ask - everyone brings extra parts and we would be more than willing to have some of our kids assemble one for you!

Im not sure if there was more than one team from Isreal, if there was only one, then yeah we remember you guys…not only did we meet some of the team, we even gave them a ride to the dome on the first day hehehe :smiley:

I met one team from Israel at Championships, down in the Curie divison…they did a great job! :slight_smile:

I’m a mentor with team 1610. We were in Curie with team
1574 and helped them out when we could. Great bunch
of Students. I wish all of you well.