Have you named your robot?

So the build season is almost over, and the robots should be fully assembled and running (in a perfect world). Has your team named your robot yet?

Team 1259 decided on ours tonight. O.D.O.R. standing for Over Dosed On Robotics. I know kinda weird but… you only get one robot a year so make it count right! Good luck the rest of the season.


Ours is called X-WhAAAt!

We’re too lazy to name it. You guys can do that for us.

Ours has no name…officially, we call it Hurrican Bacon (after Mrs. Bacon, our coach), we even told the newspaper that was the name…she wasn’t exactly “thrilled”.

Our robot is always called TOBOR this year it is TOBOR 8. The 1st year our team was around it was THOR but when we changed schools we changed the robot name.


We were supposed to have had one by last friday. Oh well, mabye we’ll just use one of MOE’s names. :rolleyes:

Our’s is Fawkes!!! You know, from Harry Potter, or the guy who tried to burn down parliament… both are pyro enough for us :smiley:

Killahtron :slight_smile:

ours is named kadunkadunk :smiley:

Team 1504’s robot this year is named “Biggie” to fit with our “Go big or go home” motto!

Following traditional “Raptar”-ish theme, we’ve named ours “Kiryu” (pronounced “key-eww”) after the Mechagodzilla Unit in the Godzilla X movies. Look for Kiryu tomorrow at DC, he’s holding up well so far!

We always name our robots after famous scientists or engineers. This year the bot is Thomas Edison, or just Eddie. Last year was Leonardo Da Vinci.

ours used to be called C4 for some reason. Now its Larry 1.0 because Larry was our old mentor, his Natn’l Gaurd unit went active.

We named ours Olive. Well, we were in a meeting and somebody suggested it and nobody had anything better so… Olive it is! Olive and I have a good relationship. It’s short term as of now but I think this one could really blossom into something. The way she moves so gracefully across the field. I think I might just ask her what she’s doing friday night.

Cattus Petasatus - Latin for: “Cat in the hat”

Our robots name is CRICK or Francis Crick, Our team name is WATSON so our theme is DNA WATSON & Crick were the people that discovered DNA. Our motto fits in with that Defying New Altitudes or Discovering New Accomplishments. We also thought it would be good to have our robot named in honor of Francis Crick’s Death this past year.

Nate Edwards

Our team, 399, named our robot Mr. Clean. We named it after one of our students, his nickname is mr clean, that was diagnosed with leukemia last summer and got a bone marrow transplant. So it was kind of something for him.