Have You Registered in VIMS Yet?

Just a reminder to all volunteers that VIMS is open (and seems easier to use)! Make sure you register for any events that you will be volunteering for.

Thanks to all volunteers for making these events great!


Registered up for Boston and WPI Regionals. Hope to see [any of] you there!

Does anyone know where to enter references? I know that I need to enter them now, since I turned 18 in August, but I can’t figure out where to do that.

I didn’t see it there either.

Upon logging into VIMS this year, volunteers should immediately see a screen with a consent form. Clicking yes and submit on this consent form allows FIRST to screen you using a new screening process. Read more here: http://www.usfirst.org//sites/default/files/uploadedFiles/Community/Volunteers/Screening/Why_We_Screen.pdf

I’ve volunteered for eight events.

I’d volunteer for my 6 but I can’t get into VIMS :frowning: I’m waiting on their support email.

Leave some for the rest of us, Ed!
I’m signed up to BAE and Bahston. Hopefully my references haven’t soured on me in the past year.

Just registered for WPI, Montreal, Boston, and Connecticut. :slight_smile:

Registered as a Robot Inspector at BAE. What’s a better way to scout?

Register for Field Reset. That way you have a good chance of actually seeing the robots on the field before the elimination rounds.

Waiting to hear back from my work, but hoping for 5 and guaranteed at least 2. More striped shirts for me :smiley: