Have you used NC GEARS data or received help from us? We need YOU!

This is a bit of a call for help related to our current situation covered here.

Have you used our scouting data? How about received help from us at an event?
We have a school board meeting on Monday 6/24, and we are collecting impact statements
from teams that we have assisted over the years. If you could help us out, please write
up a statement on what the end of NC GEARS would mean to your team.
Permission to post these on our FB page would be appreciated as well.
Please send them to [email protected].
NC GEARS, FRC Team 1918


Prior to when I joined the team (and one time since) we have played against and with N.C. Gears.

On our old FB @brandonmcd found a picture we had as our banner from 2012! We were alliance partners at Troy and made it to the semi finals.

We have crossed paths for 12 matches in our history going back to 2007 - 2009, 2012 and once in 2014 when I was present. But as FIM expanded we ran into each other’s team less and less. The name N.C. Gears is still recognizable and well known for a quality program.


We never want to see a program end whether it’s a rookie or a seasoned veteran. Each one of those events and matches were important to a group of students where this was their outlet of choice. This was where they wanted to be and what they wanted to do and we had mentors supporting us to get there. Programs like this are incredibly important and you connect with people you’d never meet otherwise. I have respect for any program, but one with your history deserves to stay around for the long haul.

Will write up a more formal email as well.


I have a similar anecdote for 857. In 2011, 1918 was absolutely crushing it at Traverse City and West Michigan. At TC we got pulled in as the backup bot for the #8 alliance and lost handily to you on the #1 alliance. Then at West MI we were the #7 alliance captain, but you were the #2 captain so I just knew we were doomed against you guys.

We also started drifting apart as the number of northern Michigan teams grew, but we shouldn’t be losing teams especially such long running ones.

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I’m curious, is there an automated way to detect if two teams have played in a match together, and to identify when that was?

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I wrote a script in Python that pulled in all events from The Blue Alliance of each team number and stored both alliances for all matches. Then it compares all the match key codes against each other looking for duplicates. If it finds one we add it to our new list of matches together. Then I print out that final list after it’s fully done.

I can share it later on this week as a seperate thread. Doing some more work on it to make it a website people can use themselves.

Below is a screenshot showing my team (453) and NC gears (1918). Looking at it this way we have been together on an alliance 8 out of 12 times we played in a match together. It would be nice to be able to get this out for people to use and check when they played with 1918 as well. Would help bolster the history together argument with hard data.


1918 NC Gears has a great history of top performances that many people around the country and the world have reflected on when creating their own designs. I recall when I was on a low resource team in 2017 (2170 in Glastonbury, CT), we built a Fuel scoring robot with a hopper on an “elevator” platform based off of 1918’s 2009 Lunacy robot. There’s a real elegance to simple and effective designs, and I think 1918 has a strong history of that.

I hate seeing any team close their doors, but 1918 has always built cool things that I have liked checking out.

1918 not being around would be a huge loss to the Fremont community, but also for the FIRST community at large.

– Akash Rastogi
Mentor FRC 177

You have my permission to use/post this as needed.


The TriSonics are sorry to hear of the issues you are having. We are here to support you in any way we can. We can write up something to send for you else, if it would help, I (and probably some of our other team mentors / alumni / students) can come and speak at the Board meeting also. May be something a lot of other area teams can do too.


The board meeting is Monday, 6/24 from 8:30A-9:30A at 4747 W. 48th St, Fremont, MI 49412. We understand this is a very difficult time for many people to show up, but we will welcome you with open arms. There is no requirement to be a resident of Newaygo County in order to speak at the board meeting.


I’m sure this is already well understood, but I’d advise anyone speaking at the meeting in support be from your local community first and foremost. Alumni, parents, current students, and other community sponsors are still the best advocates you have.


Absolutely, I just wanted people to be clear that the board meeting is public and everyone has a right to speak.