Have your Robot 3D printed at WPI Districts!

Hi everyone,

At WPI this coming week team 811 will have a 3D printer setup in our pit. If you have a STL file of your entire robot, bring it to our pit and we will happily print out a scaled model (about 2-3 in cubed) of your robot.

Good luck at competition, come check us out!

This is a cool idea, I love it! Too bad we won’t be at WPI…

Does that mean you have duel extrusion with a soluble support material? It seems to me that it will be problematic because of holes/self intersecting facets things that aren’t connected that should be in a model. If you already had your regional howvdid it go?

This is an interesting idea. I had my Up! printer at the Mount Olive District event where I was CSA and the only use it got was printing a FIRST necklace. I figured it might be handy to have it around in case someone broke a 3D printed part and needed one printed.

We did this with one team at Nashua’s and they loved it.

It will be a single extruder printer. Simply means that teams will have to dremel or cut off any support material they don’t want.

I think I’m going to make the trip down to WPI now…