haveing trouble with 3ds max7

hey id be very grateful if anyone could help me fix a problem i have… i just installed 3dsmax7 onto my new computer but everytime i go to open it it brings up an error message “3d renderer initialization failure”. i have looked it up on the autodesk website but the solutions they gave me have not helped. if anyone knows a way to fix this please help… i have an animation project due in a few weeks and i really need it…

Try deleting the following file and restart max:

When max starts up for the first time after you delete this file, make sure that you select “Software” from the graphics driver setup popup box.

If you have continued problems, IM me over AIM and I will help you.

I used to get that error with 3dsm3, when I didn’t have my graphics drivers installed properly, or they were being dedicated to another process, or I was trying to use Glide for the fun of it. Make sure your drivers are up to date, and that you’ve selected the correct renderer, OpenGL, DirectX, or Software.