having bin grabber pull bins off of opposite stacks?

So, during the driver’s meeting Tyler Holtzman asked about a tug of war between two robots that pertained to never letting go. Then suggested having a string in 3 Containers and pull them off a stack at the end of the match. There did not seem to be a definitive answer whether that is still in an action of tug of war.
I may have missed something but it seemed that it could be both legal.
So is it legal?

I would consider it a prime example of Section 3.1.2 Paragraph 2 in the manual.

“With the exception of UNPROCESSED LITTER, if the actions of one ALLIANCE cause any of the other ALLIANCE’S game elements that
are in scoring position to no longer be in scoring position, the affected ALLIANCE will be credited points for the displaced game elements at the conclusion of the MATCH.”


Thanks for the info. This makes sense.

I would also tend to consider that the very next thing to hit that hypothetical string would get a G18 (strategic) applied to the team using it, and depending on how high the stack went, a G22 (strategic) could also be applied.

Translation: Ya don’t wanna do that. Red card, disabled robot, AND any points you descore will just be scored anyway.

They could, however, yank at the cans prior to being considered scored in order to prevent the points from being acquired in the first place, circumventing the unprocessed litter rule.

That is true… but… then you’ve got other complications. For example, the G18/G22 (strategic) combination I mentioned earlier. There’s an offchance a G26 gets invoked as well, if another robot is involved.