Having difficulty with adding field image 2023 to PathWeaver

We were getting PathWeaver ready but the 2023 game was not an option. We looked through the WPILIB pages about adding an image to PathWeaver with a JSON file. We followed the file directory for Windows, but the image was not working.

What can we do?

Is your WPILib updated? The image is suppose to be there by default in the 2023 version.

We have the 2023.1.1 version. Should we download again?

The 2023 game was added in 2023.2.1, the latest release is 2023.3.2. Yes, download the latest release and install it to upgrade.

Would I have to install all of the NI Tools again or is there an independent PathWeaver installer? If so, can you send the link please?

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NI tools aren’t involved here, just WPILib. We don’t provide separate installers for individual tools, so you’ll need to download/install the whole thing.


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