Having problems making a custom Shuffleboard Widget

I was trying to follow this (Creating a Plugin β€” FIRST Robotics Competition documentation) WPILIB tutorial to make a custom WPILIB widget, but upon cloning the Shuffleboard project, there are instant errors without changing anything. Any advice on how to make a custom Shuffleboard Widget would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

What errors are you getting, specifically? If it’s from a fresh clone of the project it may be from a Java version mismatch - shuffleboard requires JDK11

Are the errors from building with gradle, or are they from an IDE (and which IDE)?

This is the error in building, and the other image is the specific error

Sorry for late response

this is my java version when running java -version on my pc. How do I get it to be JDK 11?

java version β€œ1.8.0_333”

Both, I added images in the post below with the specific errors

The fact that class version of 63 is shown would say that somewhere JDK 19 is being used.

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