Having Problems With Even The Simplest of Auxiliary Control

So I’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong with my state machine because it won’t do anything that I’ve programmed it to do so I tried to take everything that I have done and try to simplify it as much as possible so that I can then start building on it and hopefully have a functional state machine for the auxiliary control. However with what I have in the image it still will not run and of the functions that I have it trying to do with it. I’m contemplating if it’s in the wrong VI for this kind of thing since I have it in Teleop, but am I doing anything inherently wrong because this has finally stumped me.

You are definitely doing something that is “inherently wrong” with your motors. I see you controlling the same motors in many different places, and some of them are contradictory. I think you need to rethink what you want the motors to do, come up with an exact description, and figure out a way to get each motor to do it with only one Motor Set apiece.

Don’t know what’s in the opposite Case statements, but a basic logic issue is that you are setting the same motor/solenoid in separate places to different values.

A motor/solenoid should only be set in a single place.
Use the Cases to determine/negotiate what value it should get.

Example given,
http://www.team358.org/files/programming/ControlSystem2015-2019/labview/MultiButtonDriveExample.png or http://www.team358.org/files/programming/ControlSystem2015-2019/labview/StickyButtonExample.png

Thanks Mark, I was able to fix the mistakes. Robot is working fine now.

The limit switch implementation would have turned off all motor power, instead of only in one direction.