Having problems with Spark Max Can Bus

Hey, This is our teams first time working with Spark Max motor controllers. I am not able to see the full can bus to assign a specific can Id to each motor controller. Any ideas?

Check to make sure that all the CAN connections are good. Our team had an issue earlier this year where some devices weren’t appearing on the CAN bus since one connection wasn’t connected fully.

If you are just assigning CAN IDs, there can be problems where multiple devices (of the same type) with the same ID hide each other, or both wind up getting the same new CAN ID when you assign IDs. Since the devices come from the factory with the same ID, this sometimes happens when first bringing things up. If this is what you are seeing, or if you are unsure, read on…

One way around this is to power everything off, and just let the USB-C cable power one SPARK MAX at a time. Be careful to assign each device a unique CAN ID this way. Then, when you power everything up, you should see them all. Alternatively, you can disconnect CAN from each SPARK MAX and then use USB-C to do the assignments (reconnect things when done assigning IDs).


I second this approach, doing it individually and going through one by one to assign the IDs should be a quick fix.

Just did it thank you. It worked I just needed to go in each individual with power off and burn the flash now I can see the whole can bus.
Thanks again.

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