Having trouble getting Championship Photos.

Anyone having a similar problem?

I ordered (and paid for) a bunch of team photos at the Alanta Championships and I’m having no luck getting them from the Photographer.

Initially the prints weren’t available at the event, and then there was some confusion as to which photos were required, and now I can’t even get the photographer to answer my emails.

They were taken by the “offical” photographer at the event (Bob Jadloski) but the last email response I have received from him was on April 28th. In that email he acknowledged having the photos… but I’ve never received them.

Does anyone know how to contact Bob or his RockShotz group?
The only email I have (rockshotz@hotmail.com) goes unanswered.

It may only be $90 to Bob, but to me it’s 9 sets of dissapointed parents that were expecting a record of their kid’s with their trophy.


I have the same problem. :frowning:

Try contacting team 48 about them?