Having trouble opening the official field cad model

I’m having problems opening the official field model with Solidworks 2017. The error I have is that it needs a “Future Version”. Is anyone else having this problem?

Not having that problem, having another one, but it does say you’ll need Solidworks 2018 to open the files.

Start your download!

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Many teams don’t have SolidWorks 2018. Do you know if it’s available in a CAD neutral format, like STEP or Parasolid?

Nope, not that i know of.

Tried importing into Inventor 2019, and its littered with errors. Someone i know had success with Importing to Fusion 360 though…

I’m getting errors just unzipping the file - any suggestions?

Solidworks released the KOP files in Solidworks 2017, Solidworks 2018, and STEP formats Here expecting the lack of Solidworks 2018 being active upon release of the game. Though the field was only released in Solidworks 2018 format. You may want to try to reach out to FIRST Team Support and see if they can provide the field CAD in Solidworks 2017 or STEP formats.

Unzip with 7zip.

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Already tried that, it’s sadly not working :frowning:

I exported the field to STEP. There are some missing pieces but I don’t think they’re critical. https://grabcad.com/library/2019-frc-field-step-export-1

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7-Zip for windows or iZip for Mac.
Because the files you are trying to use are encrypted and you’ll need the code $Robots&in#SPACE!!

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I see more than enough missing (and looks the same as the one i get when i convert) for it to be critical. Thanks though.

FIRST also asked teams not to “re-host” their files because they will be updating them frequently and replacing the outdated version on their website directly

The field CAD situation is pretty terrible so far this year. Previous years have had Autodesk Inventor files available and STEP files. Not sure why the ball was dropped this badly but I hope it’s fixed soon.


I wonder if they delayed Autodesk’s CAD release due to certain things that happened last year…

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I can understand no auto desk files because of the incident but I don’t see why they wouldn’t have step files.

Looks like it doesnt like whatever is with these files…

The hatches are missing from the GrabCad File

ya, super disappointed with the cad situation, i had success with bring both into inventor 2019 and fusion 360. i used the “official field” assembly files to bring into inventor. a few items were missing but nothing actually critical for dimensioning the important things. i was able to bring the the “team field” files in to fusion 360, i had connectivity issues earlier so bringing the official field was too much for my internet connection into fusion at the time. to import to fusion, just upload the cad files individually and select each assembly file as the top. on inventor 19 i just imported the field part FE-00042 and just the trim pieces were missing and some fasteners were missing i think, it will also create new assembly files for the major subparts as well.

Pure SW team here, what was the Autodesk debacle last year?

I was able to open on Inventor 2019 despite the errors.