Having trouble putting the kauailabs navx libraries on my java project

I am trying to put the kauailabs navx libraries on my java project, but every time I go to Manage Vendor Libraries and to install new libraries offline it pops up with “no new dependencies available.” I have run the setup application for the latest build of the navX_FRC library. What would the reason be for the library not installing?

The latest build from https://pdocs.kauailabs.com/navx-mxp/software/roborio-libraries/java/ appears to be made for 2020 beta testing, which I would guess unpacks the maven and vendordeps folders in ~/wpilib/2020 instead of ~/frc2019, and the 2019 VSCode cannot find that. I don’t think you can download an old version from the website, so maybe use the “Online Installation” method instead with this URL: https://www.kauailabs.com/dist/frc/2019/navx_frc.json

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