HDPE Board

What is the best way to get the most friction between the HDPE Board that the habitat is made out of? We are looking for something that is pliable so that we can put on our habitat three climbing mechanism. We want the most friction because we are gripping the sides of the habitat.

Lots of force with wheel tread or you could try cutting some compliant wheels and using flat-ish pieces of that.

agreed that soft rubber/plastic is where I’d start. To get enough friction on the totes in 2015 to flip them, we used some sticky-back foam (sticky toward the robot) intended as a door seal and replaced every two or three matches.

For something soft and grippy, we have used pipe insulation secured with electrical tape. It gets chewed up, but is a cheap solution. Another option is Silicone tape (Amazon) or rubber tread (andymark, Wedgetop or Pebbletop).