HDZero CNC from Beaver CNC for FRC

My team is looking to get a CNC Router for this offseason, so we can use more complicated parts and make them faster. We want to be able to cut tubing, sheet aluminum, polycarb, acrylic, and wood. Our budget is $2500, which isn’t very much for a good CNC router usually but I was looking at the HDZero CNC, either 1500mm square or 1000mm square, not sure which size. Has anyone used this router before? and would this be an adequate machine for typical FRC use

https://www.beavercnc.co.uk/product-page/beaver-cnc-hdz-frame-kit Here is the link

This looks like a up grade kit not a full machine. I would do a search on CD for routers. There is a huge thread discussing this topic.

It is sold as an upgrade kit but you can make one from the ground up. For the price, I can’t find one that would be as rigid with as large a cutting area.

Here is a link to the BOM

Looks like a good off-season project. Interesting your team and the company have a similar name.

For 2500 an omio x6 is in your budget which would be a great machine for what you want to cut.

I looked at that one but the cutting volume is significantly smaller, which would prohibit us from making larger parts like drive rails or elevator rails. Is the omio x6 more precise? I guess the main question is would the larger size of the beaver CNC inhibit it from being able to accurately make gearbox plates or belt runs?

Larger size does not= less accuracy, machine quality does. If it’s quality parts and put together well it should do a good job. Just got a velox set up in our shop. Large machine and seems accurate, although just started to learn how to use it.

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X6 is a great machine, and very well proven. The kit you linked looks solid, but if it turns out to be a square then you’re out $2500. If you only have limited budget, either save up for a X8-USB or just go for the X6.

If you think that’s the move, go for it, but I’d recommend going for something off the shelf - Omio x6 is good, x8 is great if you are able to save up. 99% of the time, DIY CNCs just end up more work and money than it’s worth, and I can unfortunately say that from experience. I’m intrinsically very, very suspicious of a $2500 machine with a 1.5m cutting area - there’s some areas on the machine where I’d be concerned about rigidity.

Holding tolerance across multiple setups in a smaller machine like the x6 or x8 shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever. Tube jigs can make the job easy, and a good operator can dial in stock within a few thou easily.

If you guys end up purchasing a CNC, I’m sure some CNC trained 2898 kids would be happy to help teach the basics.

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The Omio CNC looks very solid, and I’m sure it would be excellent for us. The $400 in shipping isn’t making me feel super warm and fuzzy but it still works with the budget. I’m a little more willing to try a more DIY setup because we are starting early in the off season and need a project, and have many people and resources at our disposal. After talking to the team, it sounds like a 1m version is far more reasonable, so for me it’s either that or the omio. I will probably reach out at some point about some help from the CNC kids from 2898, that’s much appreciated.

Get the CNC up and running as quickly as possible and design an offseason robot to make on it. Getting comfortable with the CAM and figuring out your feeds, speeds, and tooling will take a lot time. You should also create some sort of fixture so you can cut box tubes on the router or buy the Ozzyboards Tube Magic. I wouldn’t do a DIY CNC because then it’s much more difficult for people to help you troubleshoot issues and I would say it’s much more likely that stuff will be out of alignment/the machine won’t work properly.

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I might take you up on that wealth of information offer!

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Please email me so I can reply with the info!

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