Header rows on the R/C

Has anyone found a proper header or connecter to use with the input rows on the R/C. I havent had much time to check it out for myself and i would hate to use a bunch of cd-rom to sound card cables for their ends. I am going to try and measure the pins and check out NIO and the other electronics suppliers. If this has been covered in another thread or has been posted I would appreciate a link to it.

I can’t say for sure, because I don’t have the controller here with me, but unless they changed something, a standard PWM cable should fit it.


Right now, we’re using IDE cables salvaged from old computers. We just need to cover the signal pin for each 3pin set, so having two rows isn’t a big deal. If we find something cheap that works better, though, we’ll probably be quick to use it.

$5 each, from Innovation First, is pretty steep. Tower Hobbies’ $8 isn’t any better.

3-conductor housings: jameco.com, part number 157382, $0.24
female crimp pins: jameco.com, part number 100765, $0.09

The documentation describes how to use them. I use the cheap crimper from Radio Shack. Buy 50% more crimps than you need because you will mess up a lot until you get the hang of it. A pack of three housings w/ 9 crimps from the local hobby shop costs $6.00.


I think these are a good thing for the headers, then you just extend.
when i get them i’ll let you guys know.

I’ve been using some nifty AMP connectors that I found at Digi-key. The information can be found toward the bottom of the infrared beacon tracking FAQ.


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