Heard of CoderZ yet?

Hey guys, I wanted to tell you about this new (and cool if I may say) program that is being developed by a company with over 30 years of experience in robotics for education, called Intelitek. This program, called CoderZ, is all about teaching kids STEM through robotics and programming. This program enables an entire team to have a robot for each participant/member. How? Well, CoderZ is a fully operational robot simulator.

Right now, Intelitek is giving FLL teams a free trial that lasts until the end of June, this is a great opportunity for all teams to hone their developing skills for next year’s challenge. You can easily register and start using CoderZ by clicking here: bit.ly/2pq0LnA

Feel free to share your thoughts with the CoderZ team after registering and trying it out.

the links:
Free trial bit.ly/2pq0LnA
CoderZ’s website http://gocoderz.com