HeartOfTexas - 2019 Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Preview

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Week 2 Recap

Amarillo Event

It was no surprise that the top robots at this event would be 148 and 3310. The two powerhouses battled for the number 1 spot but it would be 148 who stood on top going undefeated in quals. Elims were relatively smooth, however, the number 7 and 6 alliances were able to upset the number 2 and 3 alliances. Number 6 was able to take out number 7 and meet number 1 in the finals. While 1817 played amazing defensive, the might of the #AllBlackEverything bots was too much, and the number 1 alliance took the win.

Congrats to teams 148, 3310, 2657 for winning the event, 5417 for the District Chairman’s Award, 4641 for the District EI Award, and 7534 for the Rookie All-Star Award.

San Antonio Event

This event featured many mid-level to aspiring mid-level teams and lacked the top tier teams of Amarillo. At the end of quals, the top 8 teams were 5572, 7521, 5103, 5894, 6155, 3035, 4332, 7872. In quarters, the number 6 alliance managed to upset the number 3 alliance and upset the number 2 alliance in semis. On the other side of the bracket, the number 4 alliance upset the number 1 alliance and met the number 6 alliance in the finals. The first match went to number 6, with number 4 taking the second match. The third match ended up as a tie, leading to a rare occurrence; a fourth finals match. Despite a good fight, the number 6 alliance, lost the match 48-63.

Congrats to teams 3240, 3035, 7621 for winning the event, 3481 for the District Chairman’s Award, 7312 for the District EI Award, and 7521 for the Rookie All-Star Award.

That’s it for the recap.

Week 3 Preview

Plano Event

Number of Registered Teams: 37


2714: BBQ’s robot Brisket was a crowd favorite at their first event. With a consistent hatch auton and fast cycles, 2714 put up a strong fight at the Austin event and took the silver medal. Rumor has it that they will be bringing an L3 climb to this event. Keep an eye out for this strong contender for the gold.

5431: Dedicating their 2019 season to Jordan Grant, Titan Robotics is competing in their first event this week. Not much has been seen of their robot Astraeus aside from a small teaser. However looking at their impressive past performances, 5431 is definitely no one to ignore.

7179: Who doesn’t know about this team. After their impressive rookie season, all eyes are on this team to see what they will be bringing to their first event of the season.

Rising Teams:

3802: This team has been steadily climbing the ranks of Texas. While they have not won a blue banner, they have always been a solid robot that ranks relatively high. Maybe this will be the year that they score blue.

4610: BearTecs had a relatively good run at their first event this year. Ranking 6th, and being the 1st pick of the number 1 alliance(after a decline), 4610 was a consistent scorer that rose above the rest.

5417: Eagle Robotics is coming off an early departure in quarterfinals and a DCA. They will be looking to improve upon their Amarillo performance.

6144: With a consistent L3 climb, 6144 climbed the ranks at El Paso and ranked 2nd. Their robot is a valuable member for many alliances, so expect them to fight for the win.

Chairman’s Favorites



Channelview Event

Number of Registered Teams: 37


624: CRyptonite is coming off a win at the earlier Austin event. Easily the top contender for the gold at the event, they will be a tough robot to crack.

1477: Aside from a teaser showing off an L3 climb, we have not seen much of Torque this year. If their climb is consistent, then expect to see them a the top of the rankings.

4587: Another top ranking team in Texas, Jersey Voltage has been a strong competitor who will definitely pose a challenge to those looking to take the gold.

Chairman’s Favorites





Well, that’s a wrap. If you feel that I missed anything, or have any feedback, feel free to let me know. I’ll be back next week.


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