Heat Sensor

I checked, but couldn’t find a better place to ask this. Is there anyone who knows where I can buy a heat sensor, for a relatively small price?

Do you mean something like a thermocouple, a pyroelectric detector, or a thermistor? I think you need to give more information before you get a useful answer. What do you want the “heat sensor” to do? How much do you consider “relatively small”?

If you mean a remote sensor then http://www.acroname.com/robotics/parts/c_Sensors.html

Exactly. I just wanted something that could measure heat in an analog fashion. Something along the lines of those light sensors in the VEX kit, but instead of light heat. Thanks a ton.

The KOP gyro has a thermometer (I haven’t tried using it though)

Hmmm… Not to hijack your thread, but can you use an IR sensor to detect heat? Wouldn’t the amount of recieved infrared light be proportional to the temperature of the object? But it would be affected by distance…

The KOP gyro does double as a heat sensor. Its very wasy to use as well, just an analogue in. I tried it, its a good lil bugger.