Heat Sinks for Fisher Price

I believe the success of all is better than the success of one because that one has the “secret formula” so here I have some valuable information for you. For EVERYONE using the Fisher Price motors. I recommend buying this heatsink http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXTG84&P=ML (one is needed for each fisher price motor) and putting it on with heatsink grease/compound available from Radio Shack (very important). They fit the FP just about perfectly. We have used them on the drill motors in 2003 and 2004 with great success. Without them the motor would burn your finger the instant you touched it. With them, you could hold your finger on for five seconds or more. In combination with a small muffin fan, these will help keep your motors alive. The FPs pack a lot of punch in a very small volume so if the heat can’t escape, they will die. Good luck!

Also, if the demand of these is so high that they get out of stock, I’ll find an alternative unit.

Those heatsinks, you said you used them on your drill motors, are they the same size as the fp motors? But ya a lot of people could use this if they’re using the fp. But ordering a new fp motor would probably be better because I was reading about how your team accidentally broke the internal fan. Or maybe both of these working together would work best, might be overkill, but it would be on the safe side of not having your fp motors fry.

i fogot who but someplace makes 540 size (fp size) heatsinks with fan mount on it for rc. and the fan is im pretty sure the muffinfan size.
a heatsink itself wont work the best. itll cool faster but it wont help keep it cool.
so at the worst blow your exhaust air from the cylinders into the heatsinks. this is a very useful way of recycling too. we’ve been doing this in OCCRA (since we dont use fans to cool motors there) with great results. even without a heatsink.

There is a heatsink with mounted fan, but the fan is not 12V and it is smaller than the muffin fans we receive in the KOP.

yes finally found the link i was looking for explains a bit about cooling. think people might be interested
explains how a heatsink isnt always the best

I’m sorry, but that article is not good at all. It has several misleading or false statements.

For example, it suggests that it would be better to have black heatsinks and that they are only bright colors for aesthetic purposes. This is definitley not true. Heat radiating-wise, the color does not matter. Emissivity (the property describing how well a material radiates heat) is not directly tied to color. In this case, emissivity will likely be constant with any color because the colors will only be applied via anodizing and different color anodized coatings are almost the same materials.

You may get increased emissivity using an organic paint, but that would hurt you more than it would help. The article fails to mention that the primary mode of cooling for a heatsink for an RC car is through conduction to the air around it, not through radiation. An organic paint would do much more damage by reducing this conduction (metals conduct very well, as you know) than it would help by increasing emissivity.

Does this come with a heat conducting adhesive on it or are we going to need heat sink compund to get proper heat transfer?


A couple years ago our team used dry ice to cool off fisher price motors…just a suggestion for anyone who wants another option

you may be right about the colors but remember this article is about rc cars. and noone in their right mind would paint their heatsinks. absolutley no function.

You will need heatsink grease/compound available from Radio Shack. Also, I have discovered that a small muffin fan zip ties nicely right to the side of the motor, that should help as well.

Thanks Sand. The web site was a little lacking in data.

Also I’m trying to find data on some thermal “band-aids” I used a few years back. They are self adhesive copper miny heatsinks you can put anywhere.