Heatwave 312's All Inclusive Scouting App Preview

It’s been over a year an half, since the last version of the Palm/Pocket PC Application from Heatwave 312 was released. (It may have also been over a year and half since someone from Heatwave has posted on here :P)

Therefore, it brings me great pleasure to announce to the FIRST Community that the Strategy Application for PocketPC will be back and better than ever this year. Note: I said PocketPC - no support for Palm is planned until next year – at least (this is due to the Palm OS being so limited).

Here is how the PocketPC Application will work:

  1. Data is entered through a front-end application on a computer to a MSSQL database about the teams registered for each regional event.
  2. This information is updated as the build season progresses (i.e. drive train, gearing, motors, etc.) - based largely on information found on ChiefDelphi.
  3. Before competition information from the database is converted into a file (most likely XML) and distributed to each PocketPC.
  4. At comptetion - anyone with a PocketPC can view and update this information, as well as enter scores and opponents for each team for each round. There will be a map of the field that people can draw on to show what each robot did during each individual round.
  5. After competetion - or a lunch, or whenever else you choose - the information from the PocketPC’s is downloaded onto a laptop computer.
  6. This information is combined and updated to give you a comprehenisive look at the teams at your regional.
  7. Once back at an internet connection, information from the main computer that recieved all the information from the PocketPCs is updated to the master server where it will be available for the world on the web.
  8. Repeat for the next day, next regional, next Nationals :smiley:

The web based interface has a few minor quirks that are being resolved, but I’m going to attach a screenshot :smiley: . The desktop application is currently nearing development - so screenshots to follow later. The palm application is in the initial development stages and is changing layout and stuff so much, that I can’t post a screenshot.

We are still open to any suggestions, but be aware that with build season less than 2 weeks away some stuff might not make it in there.

Also if you have any questions about the programming, about the application, about whatever, PM me or post in this thread and I will be more than happy to answer anything I can.

Before I end this post though - I would like to give a big thanks to Michael G., who has done most all of the programming himself. I have only helped him with ideas and getting it working on the web. I will however help with the PocketPC and the windows application. Thanks again.

oooh cool stuff lemme know if I can help at an event or otherwise…:cool:


How did I know you would be the first person to post about this?

Once we get closer to competition, we will start telling teams how to give us thier information from other regionals and other data they have collected along the way.

So we need to get the programming done - and then we’ll worry about all that later.

It is moving along nicely…

Because you can read minds? no idea…good luck

Of course credit is at the bottom of your post… but at least you put it there. =p