Heavy Lifting

anyone have any ideas how to make a robot pick up 600 to 700 pounds and move it? this is for a project non-related to first.

As I recall, 1501’s 2007 bot could do just that (without the moving). Check out their design for ideas.

To give any recommendation we need to know more info. Is the 600lbs on a pallet or what shape is the object you are lifting? How far and how fast do you need to move it? Any other requirements or limitations?

“Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world”

Archimedes, 220 BC

repeated heavy lifting is generally undertaken using hydraulics, if your looking for a FRC scaled solution i would go with a screw lift.

it dosn’t need to be fast, but has to be able to move them. i think they are risers that are to be lifted. i am not sure how far it needs to be moved. probably less than 100 yards

You probably won’t need to pick them up very far, so I’d go with some sort of short stroke hydraulic, and then some hefty casters to be able to move thigns around.

Depending on cost, location you moving in and all sorts of other factors it could be cool to use the AndyMark 21in mecanums once they are made.

This reminds me. Keep in mind what you are moving acrossed. If its gym floors, Craig’s idea would work great. If it was out door in the grass. Might want to reconsider. The main difference would be how high it goes and the type of wheels. However, I think hydraulics would definitely be the best for lifting.

thanks for all the thoughts. were thinking of jacking up the corners and puting castors under them and then just build the robot to push it.