Heck Freezes Over - Apple Two Button Mouse

Yeah, it looks nice, plus I’m in the market for a new mouse myself. I’ll need to see it at the Apple Store before I make up my mind about it.

Single Button Looks, Multi Button Charm

So apple was just trying to look pretty all this time?

also it works with windows! i’m thinking some angry webmaster at apple is playing a mean trick.

It has the capability of a program taking advantage of its 4 click sensors. Problem is, if this isn’t used by all of the Apple users, programs will not take advantage of it. It’s like designing for just Firefox, yeah you may be doing some cool stuff with it, but if 90% of the population is still using IE…

Haha, mean trick! Just kidding!
Whether you like it or not, Apple has always strived to make their products (though some may argue that these two entities are one and the same…) Windows/backwards compatible.

I’m quite surprised to see that they have succumbed to those that don’t know how to utilize their keyboards to the fullest extent and have made a mouse to do so. I’ll admit, I just bought a marble mouse to replace my matching Pro Mouse, but that doesn’t mean that key commands are dead in my eyes :wink: Besides, to calm Mike’s fears, I’m sure future programs will make such extra buttons/features optional and customizeable in the preferences pane. Just like when they pioneered 64-bit processors in personal machines, nearly all of the following programs were written to run on both 32 bit and 64 bit machines.

Joe, go right ahead, its a beaut!

The thing is, we know all processors will be 64-bit (or greater) in the future. As software grows, more hardware is needed, and vice versa. This mouse isn’t a necessity, it’s just a convenience. All this is doing is making programs even more confusing to write, now theres no longer the standard of one or two button mice. Theres 4 button, with 360 degree scroll wheels where you can squeeze it, plus if you double click then drag your mouse to the left and do a handstand it will do your dishes. We need simplicity.

What did Apple do now? Did they try and go from a single button mouse to a multi-dimensional mother of all mice piece of hardware? That’s pretty darn cool. So cool, I want one, but I just bought a wireless optical one. SIGH Should’ve waited.

One could argue that its less not knowing how to use their keyboards to the fullest and not having to. There are only so many keyboard commands you can have before convenience turns into nuisance. That is true with buttons as well, but 2 isn’t a nuisance by anyone’s standards that I know of.

From what I understand, this mouse still has one physical button, but uses the touch sensors to detect which side of the mouse you hit. The problem I see with this is that most people I know rest one finger on each of the two mouse buttons (and right click with my middle finger), so the sensor would not know if I intended to right or left click. This would only work for people who click with only their index finger.

It also looks like the mouse has a built-in speaker for simulating the sounds of scrolling and clicking. I sincerely hope that this can be turned off. The only advantage of touch sensors over mechanical buttons is that they are silent, and I would not be willing to give up extremely useful tactile feedback if I now have to listen to pre-recorded scrolling sounds.

I saw that this morning. I have to admit that at first, I was actually kinda surprised (I mean it went from one button to 4 and a ball type scroll wheel not found on many PC mice). But I guess it does make some sense, considering you can use PC mice with the Mac, so Apple is just offering their own equivalent. I’m glad to see that it also works on PC’s, because I am also looking for a new mouse, and thus far I haven’t seen any thing too impressive, until I saw that mouse this morning (that and I’m a little bit of a Mac wannabe). The only down side is that it looks like it’s only wired currently, but thats not always a bad thing (saves on batteries :smiley: ).

Like a one handed DVORAK keyboard. Nothing easier then only having to use one hand to type quickly. :smiley:


Here is a good/quick video review of the new mighty mouse. It shows off all of the features and gives you a decent view of how it works.


Even if it is impractical for computers you got to admit thats one sheik looking mouse. :]