Height adjustments

Any ideas on how you can raise the height of your frame to get over the bump on the feild while still using only 6 inch wheels?

Pneumatics. For more info, look at 111’s robot in 2004.

Skid plates.

Pillow blocks mounted on the direct bottom of your robot

Pillow blocks? Whats that?

But wouldn’t this extension beneath the frame account for the 14" limit outside the frame perimeter?

No. It’s going down, not out.:smiley:

Pillow blocks are small blocks that you mount under (or above) the frame to hold the axles for lowered wheels. You could also use the riser kit from 2010 (which happens to have been available on FIRST Choice).

I can’t seem to find the Riser kit from 2010. Could someone send me a link to it? (Sorry, I’m a little new to this.)

You mean the lift kit? AndyMark is out of stock. I didn’t think anyone else sold it, but maybe someone else knows better. You may also be able to make it/something similar; AM even provides the CAD. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Good luck!