Height of driver station wheel chair platform ?

Does anyone know the **exact **elevation of the wheelchair platform used at competitions for the driver station ?


I believe when it was used here in MN few years ago, it was supplied by the team that needed it, justified under T21 part D. I’m not aware of an official ramp that is included as part of the field.

I was reading in an old CD post, and they believed it was a little over a foot higher.

There is an official wheelchair ramp included with the Regional fields, but I’ve never measured it.
It’s usually kept in a corner out of the way until it’s needed. It’s quite heavy.

I’d contact FIRST HQ or ask on Q&A for an official measurement.
If you can wait for week 0 there may be one at the Manchester area event you can ask someone to measure.

Man, setting up fields and volunteering at events for years and I never knew this’ll. Learn something new every day!

Stick around after field break down until the truck is fully loaded and it’s the last thing to go on the truck.

I recall that as well and a public thank you to a team that built it (which I think was not the team that needed it, but I could be wrong on that…) but I think that was the state tourney or maybe an off-season event, not an official regional.

I don’t know the exact dimensions, but I do recall that a member of Team Infinity’s drive team used it at the Windsor Essex Great Lakes Regional last year. They may be able to provide you with some info:


I’ve set it up at a variety of events and its about a 8" tall and takes up about 1/3 of the driver’s station. Its quite large and heavy, but very sturdy and set up is a breeze with a well trained crew. Post in the Q&A and you will get the correct answer for the dimensions, I would also specify which events you are attending.

Most people never see it, but in the events where its needed usually, the teams that need it, Queuing, the Field Supervisor and maybe 1-2 other people work together to set it up so its ready for the team immediately. You also want to make sure its in the correct position for the Driver/Co-Pilot/Coach/Human Player based on your controls set up.

I’m not aware of any district fields that have a wheelchair ramps, does anyone know if they exist?

On a related note, G12 seems to have no exception for disability situations. I’m assuming a wheelchair bound driver need not be ‘behind the line’ during autonomous? I don’t seem to recall this being the case in my recollection of seeing them used in the past, but I could be wrong.

Seems like there ought to be blue box or something addressing this situation in the official rules.

Wheel chair platform has a ramp thats attached to it. Usually Ref’s make a fair judgement call on the situation.

This is correct I personally made the ramp used at the MN State Championships last year. I’m not 100% certain of the exact height but I recall it being between 6-8".

I’ve never seen one at a District Event nor had to set one up whilst volunteering… I would definitely ask in Q&A.

We do not have one for the PNW district.

I asked about the wheelchair ramp during the off-season events in both MAR and NE, and neither district had one. But of course things might have changed since then or I may be misremembering since it was just an idle inquiry at the time.
I’ll see MAR’s field for week 0 and will notice then whether it has a ramp or not.

I received a reply from FIRST. 7 7/8 inches tall is the answer for the official ramp that is distributed with the field to regionals.