Height-wise extension limit

So I know the robot must be contained within 45 inches for starting position and easy movement around the field but is there a limit to how far a robot can extend vertically?

You’re limited to the 45" limit until endgame inside the hard to spell box in the middle of the field


Ok, how far can you extend vertically in the endgame?

infinitely, i believe. But correct me if im wrong. Within reason, of course


Alright thank you

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ronday voo poynt




(That was kinda a pun but it is so bad that it is barely even worth sending this)

But yeah basically as high up as the ceiling of ur venue if u wanted lol

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Remember the Evergreen Rules:

Respect the venue. Teams may not damage the venue in any way, including, but not limited to
bleachers, floors, walls, railings, etc.
Violation: A verbal warning. Repeated violations will be addressed by the Head REFEREE, the Lead
ROBOT Inspector and/or Event Management.

So no you cannot make tour robot infinitely tall most likely

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what if there’s an open sky light


“most likely”

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to infinity and beyond

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Watching the field tour videos there are some pretty exposed power strips on the top of the generator switch, which I assume you can’t touch under rules about not damaging the field. But, that’s pretty high up.

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