Heineken Mars Rover Ad

Heres a nifty little ad i saw yesterday, its borderline appropriate, not because of sexual content or anything of the sort, its a heinekin ad, if you have a problem please have the thread deleted instead of negative repping me, but heres the link, enjoy.

Heineken Mars Rover Ad

Lol :slight_smile:
I never saw that one!
Thats a good one :smiley:

Good job finding it on line Roho, I really wanted to see it after you randomly shouted it out on skype. “Dave’s car just severed it’s self a beer!” Anyhow, it’s a pretty funny commercial but I think some people might be offended by it.

I thought it was pretty funny myself.

Gee, I don’t remember that feature in the “Roving Mars” book! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now dave…I must ask…why not Krispy Kreme and Diet Coke I mean

I loved that commercial

Just one thing I would change would be to add a:

“Please robot responsibly”

warning at the end.