We have been trying to develop a mecanum drive robot. So far, the robot rejects the code or takes it in and ignore it. According to our driver station, we have no code but have communications. I’ve attached our current code that we have built and downloaded to the robot. We are open to all kinds of helpful comments.

Daniel, team 2992 programmer

BuiltinDefaultCode2.cpp (16.6 KB)

BuiltinDefaultCode2.cpp (16.6 KB)

It sounds like the code is crashing. I see you have print statements in your code. Are you running the NetConsole? What do you see in the console?

We are not using the NetConsole. All we receive in response is that the robot has no code on it. However, we can download and retrieve code that we send to it. Yet, it builds fine on Windriver.

From your description it sounds like you can build the code and deploy it. It sounds like the code is running into some sort of run-time exception (probably a memory fault) and exiting which is why it says “no robot code”.

The easiest way to figure out your problem is going to be to enable the NetConsole. You will be able to watch the OS boot up and you will see something printed to the console if your code is indeed crashing. To solve the crash you probably want to comment out everything and get to a point where the code runs. Then starting adding things back one at a time until you find the issue. Also add a bunch of print statements so you can trace the execution of the code. Good luck!

Thanks for the help! I will try to get the NetConsole up and running for the robot. I will post later if I need some more help with it.

We are having trouble with the same issue. We also need help setting up the NetConsole, could you point us in the right direction?

Use the cRIO imaging tool to enable NetConsole. Then re-deploy your code and open NetConsole (Start->Programs->NetConsole for cRIO).