Helical Gears in Inventor 8

having a lot of trouble constraining the helical gears that came in the vkop. trying to put together the FIRST Drivetrain, how do i constrain one on top of the other, and how do i get a motion constraint on em for them to turn correctly. any help would be appreciated

Where can I get the file? I think I can figure it out if I can use the file.

I think your problem is that the gears are modeled with the wrong helix angle. To correct this, open the gear .ipt file, right-click the Coil in the browser and select Edit Feature. On the Coil Size tab, replace the text in the Revolution field with: d2 / ( 3.142 ul * d0 ) This makes the helix angle = the face width/ pi * gear diameter (shame Inventor doesn’t understand “pi”).

You can constrain two gears’ teeth with a tangent constraint to correctly locate them. I don’t know if that constraint will hold up when you rotate the gears or not. (call it an “exercize left for the readers” … hee hee …)

I’d attach the corrected gear files, but they’re over the limit (534K zipped).

thank you very much… i dont have much time to play around in inventor anymore but il definately give it a shot!

its giving me a “Cannot modify the library file…” error
how do it get around it

The file is in your library. Move the file into your workgroup and then you should be able to edit it.