HELIUM Canandcoder vs cancoder for swerve drive

Hey there! My team is planning on buying a swerve this year and we found this sensor: HELIUM Canandcoder
we would like to know if it works like the cancoder and can be used for swerve drive and if so what are the differences between the two sensors?

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From what I’ve seen they are both good sensors, the big difference for my team has been that the cancoders can be used with a canivore. But the canandcoders can be directly attached to the spark max.

The Canandcoder comes with a zeroing button and data port. It also uses up less CANbus data. As stated above, it can’t be used as a remote sensor for Talons the way CANcoders can.

You can also use it in data port mode with a Spark MAX directly, no adapters required.

For swerve, I like the zeroing button. Full disclosure, I helped develop the Canandcoder working with Redux so I’m obviously biased.

EDIT: the primary reason I made these was to get bigger solder pads too. I usually purchase CANcoders with wires pre-soldered.


I think it being $100 cheaper across 4 modules is also a pretty big benefit with what I presume to be the same accuracy (although I have never tested one with my own hands)

I love the zeroing button. We are going to replace the REV throughbore on our arm and wrist with the Helium encoders just for the zero.


I can only speak for cancoders, but they seem pretty robust. However, setting them up can be annoying with offsets and all that.