"Helix" robots in 2006/2009

Does anyone have any videos/pictures (videos are preferred) of robots from 2006/2009 that use a “helix” to get the balls up from the floor to the shooting mechanism?


PS: I already searched, both CD and Google.

1717 and 1771, 217, and 148 may be places to look. Though tornado was spinning the balls downward instead of up.
Edit: These are for 2009

Also in 2006 I believe that 469 had a helix for moving/storing the poof balls.

Remember only three balls max may be carried by a robot, and any more will get you a 3 point penalty each. Don’t count on any complicated hopper or container being useful.

Exactly what I was about to say. Just an idea but you should think about designing the carrying mechanism so that it can only hold a maximum three at once. This way you limit the chances of increasing the opponents score.

Thanks for the robots, but aside from some robot videos, I can’t find anything that clearly displays the helixes and how they work. Pics/videos are appreciated.

*And for all of those who will complain, YES I have searched this already.

Here is a video showing shooting and helix. I agree that the helix may not be the best design for this years game, but I don’t want to limit your thinking.

There are many examples from 2006 in the Aim High:Behind the Design book. I have a copy, and will upload some of the pictures later tonight if I have time.

461 Did a helix in 2009. Feel free to browse the photos and information onour website.
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Tornado had to spin the moonrocks upward so that it could load up. Then it would release them in the other direction.

Attached are two CAD picks of 148s Archimedes screw from 2009. (Hid certain components to make it easier to view center.)

To answer your question of how they worked. You would have a center axis that would rotate 360 degrees. Attached to the center axis would either be fingers or brushes to move the balls towards the top. The spiral would raise in a clockwise fashion and the brushes/fingers would spin in the same direction.

Here are some other Archimedes screws from 2006/2009

I agree with Martin. I don’t think a screw is completely necessary as you can only possess 3 balls at a time.

148 Screw.JPG

148 Screw.JPG

Here’s a video of the prototype test of ours, you should be able to find more videos from the same channel around the next few weeks after this was posted, that show it working in the final robot. Or maybe not, I don’t remember.

yeah, this one is pretty good

Check out the Robowranglers (#148) from 2009 on FRC Designs. Look at the picture, video, and CAD for ideas!


Thanks all!


Not sure how long that link will stay up, we’re creating a new website.

About a helix, its really not necessary to hold anywhere near the ~25 balls our robot could that year since you can only have three.

Tornado loaded the balls down not up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCVLZFyEI1Y

One simple solution a few teams used in 2009 was to use flexible plumbing pipe for their archimedes screw to get the helix they needed without all the parts.


My team did a helix design in Lunacy, and an open hopper system for Aim High.
The helix design gave us much better control over the balls, but keep in mind that was when we were expecting 10+ balls, this game there’s a max of 3.

Here’s a video of us testing the helix with a VERY simple construction that we got from another team. It was constructed with straight lines, much easier than bending material into an actual spiral.
This is what it looked like final construction!

177 also used a downward spiral in 2009.



Other teams to have a helix design in 2006 were 33 and 233. I am sure there are many others out there.

The aforementioned Deign Book for Aim High is also a great resource, I own it and recommend everyone buying one

Team 16 also had a helix design back in 2009

With being able to only handle 3 balls at most, I can’t see how these designs would even be necessary for the game this year. A little overkill?