Hello (an introduction)

I the Programmer m.I. I am knew to these forums and would like to introduce myself to the populus. I am a part of Team 60 and have just joined not a few weeks ago. I hope to be an active part of the team as well as the forums.

(Note: I did not know where to put this thread so i decided that here was the best choise, if i was wrong in assuming that plz let me know.)

Hello, Programmer. :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy your time on ChiefDelphi, learning a lot and maybe even helping out others.

Yep, this is probably the best place for the thread.

Hello Programmer m.I.

Im wondering, are you a person who writes software (programmer)

or are you the device that burns machine code into a microcontroller? (also a programmer)

If you are the latter, I have frequently talked to an eprom programmer (mostly yelling), but you would be the first one to initiate a conversation


Welcome aboard. If you have any problems/questions, these forums have more than one answer, garunteed or… well, we can’t really offer anything back except for a graciously professional apology and maybe a few pieces of advice. That condition rarely is met. Answers are always abundant.

Furthermore, read the ‘stickies’ and skim through some of the white papers for programmers that are all over the site. They will help you.

Nonetheless, welcome.


Oh oh!! Why hello!!
You remind me of me when I first came here and wanted to introduce myself.
Welcome Welcome Welcome!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or anyone!

Good luck this year and have fun with everything!!

Yes hello young padawan. come to train as Jedi, you did. mmmmmm… freshmen your are? first time on Robotics team, you not? hhhhhmmmm… foresee grave danger for you, i do. Yoda says to watch out for initiation.

Ha ha ha just kidding…

Yes welcome to this wonderful site. Please check out my movie The Tetra of evil Click on my post please by clicking here

runs at you with a video camera and begins interviewing you lol Welcome to the boards

The best programming tip of all:

Make sure you’re downloading the same code you’re compiling. You can be wondering why the heck your changes aren’t doing anything, only to find you were downloading last week’s code over and over!

which is now officially a mistake known as ‘Gregging’ the SW :^)

hi random programmer! :smiley: