Hello from Team 422

As a Member of the 422 Mech Tech team I would like to welcome you to our new website:
Team 422
Please come and visit our page.

A worthy apponent to Sparky384.com!

May I recomend putting the navigation links on every page you visit? Also, you might want to make the links bar automatically fix on the left hand site of the window, giving you more room to add info in the middle.

Good job guys.

Nice Site. I like the layout and colors, but I also think the nav links should be on every page.

It is very good, but you might want to change a few things before you are done (here are some):
On the left bar: for all links except the “team info” link, you must go over the specific word, I recommend you make it more uniform.
It may be too plain, but it is probably a better design than it would be if it wasn’t, so I am not sure if you should change that.
Overall I like the site, it is very nicely formatted and such.

The layout is very very nice.

I do have one comment.
The links bar on the right just kind of “hangs” there, it isn’t tied in with the rest of the page. I don’t know how to fix it, but perhaps making it the same length of the left navigation bar would be good.

Also, you should keep the navigation bar on other pages beside home.

Nice site overall though. Kudos.

The colors aren’t too flashy, and I’m a big fan of mouseovers, so I liked those. Maybe you could put a little more on the homepage too, like team updates or something. Other than the navigation too, i think its cool

Where’s the “No I hated it button” :stuck_out_tongue:
Quite nice actually, better than ours most years. Good job guys!

Thank you to everyone who gave there opinion on our site. You were truly very kind. Thanks to your ideas we will be editing the site.
Thanks again.