hellow Isreal teams

i will be living in Israel next year for ten months can you guys send me some info about you guys like phone numbers and so on.this will help me work things out with Young judaea
year course if you guys are willing, I wish to help out the teams as much as possible this is my second year with FIRST but i have a good deal of knowledge to give you guys so can some one get back to me asap

ben white
team 1368

                                    YEAR COURSE 05

I would recommend going to the US First website for information on Israeli teams, where you can visit their websites I’d assume and contact their mentors specifically. It’s a lot easier to work things out with programs such as Young Judea or NFTY when you work through team leaders. I hope you enjoy your year!

  • Genia

if you want to talk… you can locate me in:
icq - 239500478
msn - [email protected]