Help 1156 from Brazil to attend Championship!

We are the FRC Team Under Control #1156, and we won Chairman’s Award at SBPLI Long Island Regional.
Now, we look forward to represent Brazil in the Championship, in St. Louis, but for a Brazilian team without big sponsors or official support, the expenses are much higher than we can afford, due our currency crisis. So we rely on your support to not be left out of the Championship!

To fundraise money to cover our costs (about U$15.000 to the drive team and chairman’s presenters attend) you can help us donating any ammount here:

Thank you Chief Delphi community, and a special thanks to 329 and 3624 that are helping us directly to make this possible!

They also have a great robot, would be a shame for them to miss champs!

you guys are great. Ill donate a bit of money. We hope you guys can attend it would be a shame if you didnt.

Good luck! I’m letting my teammates know in hopes they can donate too.

For those of you who have never met members of team 1156 I can tell you that they embody all of the tenants of FIRST. We too were going for the Chairman’s in SBPLI and after seeing just their Chairman’s video entry we knew they should win and deserved to go to the Worlds in St. Louis. They are an amazing team and it would truly be a shame if we couldn’t somehow help them get there. This is a team who consistently has a great program and robot–not always an easy feat.

Thanks everyone for your help and words. We are working hard to make it possible!