HELP! 15 year old new programmer! Joysticks confusing me!!

Hello all! I am a 15 year old and I am trying to teach myself LABview in the next week! (I know it’s next to impossible) I installed LABview but whenever I open up a new project the Gyro files are missing and I can’t use the default that they have on there. So last night I wrote a new program just trying to control the robot in tank drive configuration with two joysticks…the only problem is it isn’t recognizing the other joystick! I have changed the refnum of both of them and they still arn’t being recognized! Also the solenoid I am using I keep getting an error something to do with allocated something or other! lol I am desperate for any clues! our regional is the 25th in clemson SC!!! PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks

—(15 YEAR OLD) Programmer for 1026

If you are having issues loading examples and default code, you probably need to install the update. Once you can load and run examples, the learning and editing will go much faster.

Greg McKaskle

I have installed the update. I think that might be what messed me up in the first place…All I need help with is the joysticks!!!

Describe exactly what you need and we will tell you how to do it
P.S. I learned Labview in a week right before competition last year (I am 16 now) so i know you can do it!

Thanks guys! I need 4 motors to be controlled by two joysticks in a tank drive function. I need a solenoid to extend a cylinder when button three is pressed on the joystick. I would like the camera to work but lets not get greedy :slight_smile: and I need the ability to be able to limit how much speed gets to the motors until BOTH of the buttons(1) are pressed on the joysticks, then it would allow 100% power to the motors.

If you can’t do all that then I understand. Biggest thing is the button 1 function

First we are programmers we can do anything
Ok heres what to do and if you have questions please ask a new VI begin you need to open the 4 motor drive,solenoid,joystick 1, joystick 2 and if you are using a compressor open that also need to send the opens to teleop with the reference VIs(with the picture of the arrow pointing toward the document) for each of those things name the string accordingly
4.close and save Begin
5. in telop you need to bring out the reference(The same reference but with the arrow pointing away from the document) for the things that you opened need to grab the Get axis VI from the joystick pallet and place one for each joystick wiring the brown wires up specify the axis to 2 which is the Y axis the number coming out of the get axis on the right is the value of the joystick put a tank drive VI from the robot drive pallet and wire the joystick values into the left and right of the tank drive VI the solenoid put in a case structure and put a set vi from the solenoid pallet in each case(true and false) now the green input is where you put a constant true in the true case, false in the false case have no condition for the vi so you need to put in a get raw from the joystick pallet, wire the brown wire from which ever joystick to the get raw then get a unbundle by name function from the cluster class and variant pallet and wire the buttons output from the get raw to the left side of it
now it will list buttons 1-12 wire Three into the condition of the solenoid case
10.close teleop and save now go to finish and put in a reference (The same one from Teleop) and wire the reference to a corresponding close
Also what purpose are you limiting the motors their may be a better way to do what you want
and what are you running the solenoid off of a relay or of the C-rio
Again please ask questions as i am doing this from memory!

Here are some pictures
hope this helps

That is gonna be a big help thanks! I only have one problem.l I booted up my computer this morning and opened up a project and the joystick.lvlib is corrupt! I need more help!!! how do I fix it? it isn’t loading into labview Thanks

Describe what do you mean by corrupt
is lv giving you a error message if so what is it
will it not let you put one of the joystick vi’s on the block diagram
Here is a link to the files of joystick lib login with bladetech932 for username and robotics for password
just type this (C:/Program Files/National Instruments/LabVIEW 8.5/vi.lib/Robotics Library/WPI/Joystick/) into internet explorer and replace the files with the same name

I got it working. Now I just need to know how to do the speed control thing so that I get a forth of the power when they are forward but then when both #1 buttons are pressed and they are all the way forward I get full power! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!!!

I got it working guys! Thanks so much!!!

Glad you got it working good luck!

hey bladetech932, im a new programmer also. i was wondering if it was alright if i use these files also? i figure it would be ok since u posted it in a public forum but i figured i should ask first :o

You don’t need to download them. If you have LabVIEW for FRC installed, you already have the joystick library files. If you don’t have LabVIEW for FRC installed, they will be of no use to you.

i figure it would be ok since u posted it in a public forum but i figured i should ask first :o

Team 932 made them available only for Team 1026 as a quick fix for a corrupted library problem they were having. They should not have been posted publicly.

I see… well good thing i asked. I currently don’t have a copy of labview because my mentor wasnt sure how many computers we we would need to use the licences on in school. And right now NYC is on spring break so i wont be able to get one until wednesday. do u think it would help me to download the trial version from the NI website until then?

There was no set limit for the number of computers each FRC team can install the provided LabVIEW software on.

And right now NYC is on spring break so i wont be able to get one until wednesday. do u think it would help me to download the trial version from the NI website until then?

It depends on what you plan to use LabVIEW for. If you want to program FRC robots, support for that isn’t available from anywhere except the LabVIEW disks from the FRC Kit of Parts. If you just want to get used to the LabVIEW programming environment, the trial download would be fine. (Just watch out for possible problems if you try to install the FRC version later – it might be best to completely uninstall the trial first rather than installing over it.)

wow thanks a lot. i had no had no idea it was unlimited >.> i guess my team was misinformed… or they just didnt read. im guessing the latter. no one ever wants to read!! well in any case thanks for the help.

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