Help! 2003 Drill Motor Mounts?

As a shoestring budget rural team, we are desperate to fix a motor mount durability problem that popped up this weekend at Seattle before our first (hard-earned) nationals next week.
It didn’t come to light until 1/2 way thru our qualifying rounds this weekend that we need to modify our plastic 2-speed drill motor/trany mounts (with servo shifting) to metal.
The kit supplied plastic mount system we’ve been using worked great to a point and has failed since. We bolted servos, over the drill speed shifter, to the plastic mounting brackets for a system not unlike the one published in the White Papers last year by team 45 for the 2-speed drill motor assembly (except ours is obviously too flimsy).
Our robot could be a top competitor if we can fix this mounting problem, but we only have til midnight Weds. per update#20.
Anyone willing to share a tooling plan for a decent 2-speed drill motor mount for THIS year’s drill motors would be deified in our small farming community. We would outsource to a machine shop to tool us a better mounts (we have no shop) but realize we don’t have time to design & testing.
Any guidance is appreciated, as always.
Thanks! J#