Help 3181 earn $25K - Pepsi Refresh Project!

Pepsi has setup a website, where people can submit ideas for certian amounts of money. Every month, new applications get selected and are posted onto their website. Then people can vote on which idea they think are best. The top 10 in our category will recieve the grants. This is a wonderful program and we are all excited to be part of it!

I have submitted my team (3181 Pittsford Panthers) in for $25,000 under the education area.

Please vote once a day!

If we are in the top ten by votes in the $25K category, we will be funded!

Please tell everyone you know to vote for us!

Thank you everyone, with the help of the very caring Chief Delphi community, I have no doubt we can be i the top 10.


P.S. we are currently in 145th place. (i’ll update as time goes by)

I voted! Good Luck. :slight_smile:

342nd post, burning magnitos!

Voted. Can’t wait to see if this works out for you!

Voted and posted on FB

Voted and published to Facebook.

Edit: Up to 131st

Good luck. I did two submissions last month. Came in around 200th place.

Just remember to tell everyone to vote EVERY day!

P.S. If you win, can we come over and borrow some tools?

Voted again today. Up to 123rd!

signed up and voted.

i voted for the 16 all girls FLL teams, too

Thank you everyone!

Remember to vote everyday, not just once, everyday. :]


Voted again!:slight_smile:

got in my first Vote

We currently at 121. Need to start moving on up! :slight_smile:


Voted, up to 121st

I suggest teams think about proposals that support your entire community for years to come. If 10 more FRC teams submit proposals on PEPSI to fund your own team and tools, the general public voting will not bode well for FIRST projects.

Grants need to be creative , original and inspiring to people who do not understand robotics.

647th post - Go Cyberwolves , congrats on your regional victory at LSR with 148 & 118

Good luck Alex. Voted, posting on Facebook, and I’m about to e-mail blast everyone on SparX. Hope you win!

Sounds good to me, if they all help out, we should gain some ground quickly.

As of right now we are in the 113th spot.

118 now! Get it from the Robonauts to Raider Robotix!

I say let’s take it all the way to the Juggernauts! :slight_smile:

Voted again - 6 times now.

Voted again today! I vote everyday.

Oh No! We are moving in the wrong direction, we are down to 125th. Please vote everyday!

Just voted - good luck, guys!