Help 6418: The Missfits Get to Champs

Hey all!

The Missfits qualified for champs at SVR (thanks 254 and 5499 for being awesome alliance partners!), and need some help getting there! We are an all-female community team in SF, and we have members from a lot of very different backgrounds. As such, we typically cover a lot, if not all, of our member’s travel so that cost is not a restraint for people attending. If you could donate or share our GoFundMe we would be super grateful: GoFundMe.


Does your team currently have any contacts at Auris Health?

They seem to be committed sponsors of area teams lately. Perhaps reaching out to teams currently sponsored by them could help you out.

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It was great working with your team last weekend. I hope you raise the funds needed to travel to the Championship!

Side note: your drivers were incredible in the final rounds. Just wow.


We don’t have any contacts, but we will definitely reach out to teams. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks so much! We are so excited to get to compete with everyone at Champs :grin:

We’ll see you there!

Glad your team was able to finally qualify, despite our alliance getting knocked out in semis at SFR. Good luck at champs!

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Just donated. Can’t stress enough how excited we were when y’all were available, especially because we wouldn’t have to go through the beating y’all gave us at SFR semis. See y’all in Houston!


Thanks so so much! Super excited to compete with you all again. :grin: