Help a FRC senior

hey CD, I was wondering if anyone at the st. Louis camps would be willing to get one of those FIRST graduation chords ( ) as you can see its a champs only item. My team got to go to champs last year and I saw them and really liked them but thinking my team would qualify again. If anyone is willing to buy one and ship it to team FRC team 5830. I would greatly appreciate it and I’m willing to pay for it including any shipping. If anyone is willing to help out please pm me.

Check this out

That’s the same site OP linked to, listing availability at CMP only.

We ordered one a few months ago and it was shipped. Do not know why they are only selling them at champs now.

I was literally about to order one of these earlier today. You’ve got to be absolutely kidding me! Only at champs?! #Livid

:frowning: We were trying to convince our school to let us wear these for graduation. Looks like it’s not happening now.

I suggest you reach out to other Maryland/Chesapeake teams in St. Louis for assistance. How many do you need?
Guessing the availabilty only at champs is due to a quantity on hand issue. Perhaps they will be available to order again on May 1.

Thanks to team 4464 for getting my teams the chord.