Help a local Kansas City, MO team and maybe Cedar Falls, IA

Hello I am a mentor from 1764 Liberty robotics in Liberty Missouri and we are in a bit of a pickle. We bent up our intake pretty bad at the Heartland regional over the weekend. We are trying to source some extra materials to build a new and better intake however with shipping times we may not have the parts we need. So I have my hat in hand asking for the following if possible. Cash/trade/or other exchanges are offered.

  • Lengths of churro ~32"
  • Lengths of 1/2" thunder hex shaft ~32"
  • possibly 1/4" sheet of lexan (polycarbonate)

Picture of the damage for reference:


Sent you a PM.

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Also pm sent

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I have a 20" piece of churro. has solid 1/2" hex East of downtown KC. You would have to knock the corners off with a lathe if you need the exact thunderhex profile. It would not be anodized and I don’t know the alloy or temper.
I have some sheets of polycarbonate but at Chouteau and 210 hwy will have it in stock.

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I don’t have the parts but I just wanted to say nice job at heartland. It was a blast driving both with and against you guys. Good luck in the remainder of the season.

Your bot was incredible. You deserved the numbet1 seed and victory at heartland.

You guys have a great bot as well. That first qualifying match on Saturday with you guys was a great one. I hope your climber is okay after the rope snap.

We still have work to do. The encoder on swerve mod that was detached is what kept us down after that.

I feel that. We drove on 3 modules twice. We lost a swerve module after our own fall and later when a piece of velcro wrapped around our wheel.

If there’s any help you need from the Cedar Falls side let me know. We have the shaft stock and some polycarbonate at our shop plus the Menards nearby usually has polycarbonate in stock.

We are looking forward to seeing you and all the other teams soon.

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We are also headed up to Iowa. Let me know if you didn’t get everything you needed. We would be more than happy to help in any way now or then.

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