Help about parts (1/2 hex churro, falcon motor)

So guys we just won the Istanbul regional as the allience captain and we earned a chance to go to houston. But currently we are missing a lot of parts to improve the robot. Especially the falcon motor and 1/2 hex churro are the things we are looking for. But also these things are too expensive to ship from USA to Turkey and also if we try to buy it from the Turkish distributor there are no 1/2 hex churros at stock and the falcons are 2x or 3x expensive. So can anyone help us or give some advice for some replacements.

In the past, a few teams have found that it is cheaper to ship parts from an FRC team in the US to other countries than to ship directly from the distributor. You could try reaching out to some teams and comparing shipping costs. I know my team would be happy to help

Can I ask your team number and also a number or mail in order to contact

Could you get those parts from a team at the Houston event? Or would that be too late to implement your design strategy?
I plan on attending the Houston event and could bring some items with me potentially.

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We actually need it before the event so we can build up the system mechanically, but we will be so happy if you can bring some to the event, thank you

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