Help an FLL Team out with their Project!

Hey everyone, I mentor an FLL team who is going to the Razorback Invitational in Arizona to compete with several other teams. Their project this year is to implement Virtual Reality when learning to drive cars. If you could all please take a minute of your time to fill out the survey about driving, My FLL team and I would be very grateful!

Message from the Robot Masterminds:
Hello Friends,

We have been cleared the Delaware state level competition. We are competing in the 2015 Razorback Invitational. As a part of the competition, we have to present a project on “How to improve the way someone learns something”.

The topic that we chose is:

“How do we improve the learning of new drivers by making them active learners instead of passive learners?”

We propose that apart from the mandatory driving manuals and driving lessons that new drivers need to take to get their license, if teenagers were given training on different traffic and weather conditions virtually before they hit the roads, they would be better prepared and there will be fewer accidents.

Based on that we would like you to take the survey as we are trying to gather data for analysis.

It would mean a lot to our team if you could give 2 min of your time and take this survey!

Thanking you for helping us with our project,