help an oversleeper - what is the game about?

Hey everyone, where can I see a replay of the unveiling or can someone explain what the game is this year? I overslept by 2 hours =). Thanks

I have a working copy of the webcast in real media format if you want it.

AIM: briefcase321

The quality of the video is BAD maybe 1 fps at most, but the sound is flawless. Its a 19.5MB file and its ~59 mins long.


Very simple this year… all the robots ar divided into 2 teams , half at on end of the field half at the other. In the center of the floor is a 2000lb ball and the team that pushes the ball to the other side wins.
Then the winners are divided and the whole thing is repeted untill there are just 2 bots left. The winner is the bot that can move the ball up 45 Deg ramp and drop the ball on the other robot.
See you should have set the clock you missed a great demo.


here’s my version of what the game it about…enjoy…

In this year’s game, two teams battle two teams (or one alliance versus another alliance). Each alliance is made up of two teams which are in turn made up of three students, an adult mentor, and a robot. At the start of the game, ten size 5 soccer balls are located in each player station (where the alliance control’s the robot from) and 40 balls are located in the center of the field. Three goals made out of PVC and aluminum tubing with castered wheels located on the bottom of them are located at the center of the field at the start of a match. Each match lasts exactly two minutes. The playing field is divided into five zones. Ten points are awarded for each goal in an alliance’s "goal score zone " and for each robot located in each alliance’s “robot score zone.” One point is awarded for each ball that is in an alliance’s “ball score zone.” No points are awarded for any balls, goals or robots located in the “no score zone.” At the end of a match, the loser receives it’s own score and the winner receives three times the loser’s score.

Sorta confusing, but…yea…:slight_smile:

GEE. I thought my game was better than how you thought it was meant to be played. Did you miss the part about the 2000lb ball Hmmmm were you sleeping too, Angela.
Nah just kidding. Angela put it purfectly and to a tee. She was wide awake as usual. Nice description.

takes a bow