HELP: Any team attending the Bayou Regional that could lend my team some steel gears?

Hi! My team is competing at the Bayou regional this week all the way from Mexico. We currently have a rotating arm powered by Aluminum gears. The issue is that the teeth of some of our gears are breaking off since the aluminum can´t resist the load, our solution right now has been to change the broken gears but we have ran out off our stock. The actual real solution is to change from aluminum to steel gears. We have already placed an order for the necessary gears to be delivered at our hotel but they may not get there in time.
We are looking for any combination of 20dp Hex Bore gears that add up to 72 and 78 teeth:
Our current gearbox has:
18:54 & 30:48
We already have 48t & 50t steel gears. We are looking for any of the following steel gears:
2x 18t
2x 24t
2x 22t
2x 30t
1x 54t
1x 56t
We don’t need all of them just enough to make gear ratios that add up to 72t and 78t.
You will be rewarded with mexican chocolate in exchange for the gears!


I will check through our stock. Are you trying to look for direct replacements for the 18:54 and the 30:48 stages if we have them or are you trying to get a different ratio?


Not attending this event, but just for clarification, I assume you’re talking about 1/2" Hex bore 20DP gears? If not you might want to be more specific.


A direct replacement would work best but we can change the ratio if needed.

Correct! Thanks for the note, I have edited the original post.

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I will look tonight and see what we have in stock in steel.

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We will check our stock this afternoon as well. I’m not confident that we have those in steel, but will let you know!

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Also will check our stock tonight. Hoping we get to play with you this weekend!

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I have a fair selection of steel 20dp half inch bore gears. I’ll bring my case of them.


Oh man… i really want to beat @Breakaway3937 to the chocolate! I’ll dig too and see what I can find.


It turns out most of my 20dp steel gears are 3/8" bore. All my steel gears are AndyMark gears. I do have (all unused) 1/2" hex bore gears that I’ll bring:

  • 1 @ 56t (boss on both sides)
  • 5 @ 50t (boss on one side)
  • 1 @ 43t (boss on one side)
  • 1 @ 40t (boss on one side)

I also found four AM 1/2" hex bore 20dp steel gears very gently used in a salvage bag. (IIRC, I broke in and greased the gearboxes, but then swapped gears before any load was applied):

  • 2 @ 24t (boss on both sides)
  • 2 @ 40t (boss on one side)

I’ll have the 56t and 24t gears on my person during load-in and Thursday, and shall have the others in the car.

3478 will be easy to remember - 10 more than one of my son @ExploitSage’s teams who will also be there.

During load-in tomorrow (Wednesday), I’ll be the 6’3" (190cm) guy with the bright yellow vest and bright yellow (robot inspector) cap and “black khakis” and white mutton chops and mustache working the main loading dock. For the rest of the event, I’ll be wearing blue jeans, grey volunteer shirt, and inspector cap.



Thanks so much! See you at the event!

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I am glad @GeeTwo found so many. I only have the following in steel.


I will drop them off on Wednesday or Thursday at the pit.

With all the teams, hopefully we can all get the gears you need.


Thanks to all the teams that helped us with this issue during the regional! It was a blast playing with you all.


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