Help at Dallas Regional


Please, our team 1860 - Cephatron needs help with lent batteries, because we are a international team (Brazil) and for us that need an international trip, the battery transportation is very difficult (Customs bureaucracy)

We are planning to buy only 3 batteries when we arrive in Dallas.

Please, could some teams, lend us 3 or more batteries. ? This will help us. At the end we will return these batteries.


Team 1860

FRC3005 is happy to loan your team batteries! :slight_smile:

2848 will also have batteries you can use.

Pit admin should also have two batteries to borrow for each international team who is attending a tournament.


Actually, this year the batteries won’t be guaranted to international teams, they will be available for any team that need, and you can take only one per time.

With the robot shpping being denied for teams that play 2 events and now batteries, things got a little bit harder for us.


As we have done before, we’ll be glad to share our batteries with your team. Looking forward to seeing your team soon!

Team 3355
Purple Vipers

If you guys need batters for either sbpli or Hvr feel free to contact us and we will reserve a set of ours for you guys.

Thanks so much, teams 3005, 2848 and 3355.

Your help will be very important to us. :smiley:

See you soon.

Team 1860