Help attaching falcon 500 to Versaplanetary

Hope everyone is doing fine so far this season.

We ran into some problems attaching the falcon motor to the Versaplanetary gear.
We used the CIM adapter with the falcon VP Press On Motor Coupler and the shaft was too long so the falcon Collided with the versa instead of reaching the end.

Dose anyone know how to fix this?

Per the VEX website the Falcon Motor Short Shaft is specifically cut to the correct length needed to use the Falcon 500 with a VersaPlanetary Gearbox.

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But we still have about 1mm gap between the Falcon and the Versa :confused:


If the you’re using the long falcon shaft then you could just figure out what you need to remove from it’s length to get adequate clearance. Then just go ahead and shorten it. However it would be ideal if you put an existing short shaft.

If you currently have a short shaft installed on the falcon then something else is wrong like you’re missing a stage/adaptor somewhere in between.

If you’re unsure of what shaft you have measure it’s length and see which shaft it corresponds to.

The little metal shim intended to mimic the CIM spigot will fit in the the versa end block and look like it belongs there. It will hit the coupler and give about 1MM gap. Don’t ask how I know.

Pictures would be helpful - a 1mm difference could have a lot of causes.

Are you using a purchased Falcon Motor Short Shaft, or are you using a regular Falcon shaft that was cut down?

When you put on the motor coupler, does the shaft extend into the versalplanetary “end” of the coupler? (highlighted in yellow below)

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What little metal shim are you referring to?

We have the same issue. Very small gap when attaching falcon to a versa.

One went together fine, second one has the gap. Locks up when you tighten it.

A pic would be very helpful.


I don’t have a picture handy. It is in the versa planetary manual. It is easy to identify by the raised rim on the ID.

We that wasn’t it.

Turns out the Falcon to Cim adapter 10-32 screws were about 1/8in too long and were touching the Falcon Armature. It usually is the obvious thing.

Thanks for your reply though.

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