Help! Auton mode!

I can not find any help on auton mode anywhere. The best i have found is on This website. However, I do not know how to “adapt” this to the FIRST competition. I have (read: do) program in HTML, QBASIC, VBASIC, but it has taken me a week or so to figure out this PBASIC. If anyone knows where i can find a demo (i can work ok by editing PBASIC programs, i just cant start writing this code by myself. If you have any ideas or suggestions, PLEASE let me know ASAP (if not sooner)) Thanks,

No need to search the WWW all the info you need can be found from the FIRST website:

Programming section of First Forum

Since you know the Chief Delphi site, they have two very good resources:

Chief Delphi White Papers code examples
Chief Delphi Programming forum

ok. thanks sooo much.