Help! Autonomous isn't working...

Hey! We’re having a bit of trouble getting the autonomous to work. We changed a part of the code in the main.c file in order to get the autonomous mode to turn on when we press the p1_sw_trig (for testing purposes), but it’s not working. Here’s what we changed:

      if (autonomous_mode||p1_sw_trig)          /* DO NOT CHANGE! */
        User_Autonomous_Code();        /* You edit this in user_routines_fast.c */

We also changed the while loop in the user_routines_fast.c file to work with the trigger:

while (autonomous_mode||p1_sw_trig)
execute autonomous code...

We got it to work last year, but apparently it’s not working in this code. I get the feeling we’re missing something fundamental…

Any ideas? =]

I would suggest building a dongle. Instructions can be found here.